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What has Joe Biden done with his first 24 hours in the White House?

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Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. He and his Vice President Kamala Harris have already begun work on undoing several policies of the disastrous Trump administration, which ended in an attempted coup on the Capitol by Far-Right extremists.

The first 100 days of any presidency are regarded as a vital benchmark against which the effectiveness of a new administration can be measured.

The term was first coined by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1933, who passed 12 major laws within his first 100 days in the White House.

The new president is planning to focus on the coronavirus pandemic, which has been sweeping through America at an alarming rate for the past year, climate change, reconnecting with estranged international relations and seeing through the impeachment of his predecessor in the first part of his presidency.

Mr Biden will attempt to roll the clock back as much as possible to January 2017, when he and Barack Obama left office following the election of Donald Trump.

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What did Joe Biden do in his first 24 hours?

Mr Biden did not waste any time once he got in the White House, signing a number of executive orders reversing a number of flagship Trump policies.

During his first day, the new President ended Mr Trump’s much-maligned ‘Muslim ban’, which barred entry to the USA for people from several Muslim-majority countries.

He also signed an order halting the construction of the wall along the US – Mexico border – one of Mr Trump’s most famous policies from the 2016 election.

He then signed 15 actions addressing the coronavirus pandemic, which has now killed 400,000 people in the USA.

Mr Biden’s coronavirus plan would throw money into speeding up the delivery of vaccines and reopening schools.

His $1.9 trillion (£1.38 trillion) coronavirus ‘Rescue Plan’ would give every American a stimulus cheque of $1,400 (£1,033).

The plan would also boost the vaccine rollout programme by $20 billion (£14.57 billion).

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One of his benchmark promises is to vaccinate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days – a lofty aspiration.

The new president’s Covid-19 plan also includes setting up thousands of vaccination sites in gyms, community centres and sports arenas.

He is also expected to mobilise the National Guard to help in any states struggling to roll out the vaccine.

The President said: “A crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight and there’s no time to waste. We have to act and we have to act now.”

Elsewhere, Mr Biden rejoined the US with the Paris Climate Accord, a move hailed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In the coming days, Mr Biden is expected to get to work on repairing the severely damaged reputation of the USA with calls to several other world leaders.

His first call will be to the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Mr Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed.

Other priorities include withdrawing from the federal legal case enacted by Mr Trump to end Obamacare.

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