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When is Brian Williams' last day on MSNBC?

BRIAN Williams is leaving MSNBC having been at the cable news channel for 28 years.

He has hosted The 11th Hour since it launched on September 6, 2016.

When is Brian Williams' last day on MSNBC?

Williams, 62, will host his final show on December 9, 2021.

His programme was initially meant as a temporary show, wrapping up the election news of the day as well as previewing news stories hitting the headlines the following day.

Williams had previously hosted MSNBC’s primetime show The News with Brian Williams which ran from 1996 to 2002.

The 11th Hour was initially a 30-minute show and later extended to 60-minutes.

It originally ran from Mondays to Thursdays but was extended to Fridays as well in January 2017 while in March of the same year it was extended to an hour-long show.

NBC News contributor Nicolle Wallace has often filled-in for Williams in his absence.

He joined NBC News in 1993, where he anchored the national Weekend Nightly News and was chief White House correspondent.

His career was rocked by controversy in 2015 when NBC suspended Williams for six months without pay over his false story about coming under rocket fire in a US military helicopter in Iraq.

He has been married to journalist and broadcaster Jane Stoddard Williams since 1986.

Why is Brian Williams leaving MSNBC?

Williams announced he was leaving the channel on November 9, 2021, to pursue other opportunities.

He said in a statement the decision was the “end of a chapter and the beginning of another”.

Williams also thanked NBC, saying the network was “a part of me and always will be”.

The 11th Hour will continue to air with a rotating number of guest presenters, the network has said.

Looking back on his career with the broadcaster he said: "28 years, 38 countries, 8 Olympic games, 7 Presidential elections, half a dozen Presidents, a few wars, and one SNL."

In his statement, he continued: "For the next few months, I'll be with my family, the people I love most and the people who enabled my career to happen. I will reflect on the kindness people have shown me, and I will pay it forward."

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