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Where you can donate to Club Q shooting victims and their families

In the wake of the mass shooting at Colorado Springs gay nightclub Club Q that left five dead and at least 25 injured, community members have stepped up to provide funds to victims and their families.

Here are a few ways to help donate, keeping in mind that sometimes scam fundraisers pop up following mass tragedies and people should be vigilant about where to direct their money.

  • The Colorado Healing Fund activated a fund to support victims of the Club Q tragedy. The donation link is:

GoFundMe verified the following two fundraisers:

  • Support for the Club Q Families and Survivors, organized by Faith Haug with LGBTQ-owned auto repair shop Good Judy Garage
  • Victims of Club Q Colorado Springs Mass Shooting, organized by Greg Resha (Kyree Myst), a former Club Q employee

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