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Who are Claudia Lawrence's parents?

THE MOTHER of missing Claudia Lawrence has said she is in "utter shock" and "very, very churned up" about a new police search for her daughter.

Here's what we know about her parents.

Who are Claudia Lawrence's parents?

Claudia's father was a solicitor who was president of the Yorkshire Law Society in 2001 and set up his own practice in 2004.

His legal skills were useful in helping draft new laws aimed at easing the difficulties facing families whose loved ones had disappeared.

Mr Lawrence, along with other families and the charity Missing People, campaigned for the introduction of the Guardianship (Missing Person’s) Act 2017, also known as “Claudia’s Law".

Mum Joan Lawrence, 76, who lives alone in a North Yorkshire flat, admits that being in isolation is making the disappearance of Claudia 11 years ago “even harder to deal with”.

When did Peter Lawrence die?

Mr Lawrence, died in February aged 74, without knowing what had happened to Claudia, who was 35 when she was last seen walking near her home at Heworth in York.

What have they said about Claudia's disappearance?

Joan Lawrence said "every single day is a nightmare" since Claudia disappeared.

"It's so much to take in in a short time and nothing seems to happen for a long, long time then everything came together and I haven't had time to really digest it," she said in an interview with BBC Radio York.

North Yorkshire Police said its latest search at Sand Hutton gravel pits, about eight miles (13km) outside York, was expected to take a number of days.

The force said it could not disclose what had led officers to the location.

Mrs Lawrence said she could "not think of any connection that Claudia would have" with the site.

Mrs Lawrence said the search for her daughter was "very personal" as it was "about me and a daughter I haven't seen for 12 years, every single day is a nightmare".

Her staunch faith would give her "the courage and strength to get through", Mrs Lawrence said.

"It will support me no matter what has gone on, it's there, it is always there," she said.

"If you give up hope you might as well give up altogether."

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