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Why are menthol cigarettes being banned in the UK? – The Sun

A BAN on menthol-flavoured cigarettes comes into force today, May 20, to discourage kids from getting hooked on tobacco.

Shops have been warned that the EU directive makes it an offence for retailers to sell menthols.

Why are menthol cigarettes being banned?

The smoking of menthol cigarettes is significantly more common among newer, younger smokers, says Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

There's a greater risk of progressing to regular smoking and nicotine dependence for those who start on menthols compared to those puffing on plain versions.

Young people are more likely to get hooked as menthol makes it easier to inhale the smoke into the lungs by creating a sweeter, milder, or “colder” smoke and by reducing its harshness.

These flavoured fags are being banned in the UK under EU laws which still apply during the Brexit transition.

The legislation stems from the EU Tobacco Products Directive 2014.

This tough rule has been transposed into UK law, and will remain in force after the end of the transition period for leaving the EU comes to an end on December 31 2020.

When will the law change?

Menthol flavoured cigarettes are banned from May 20.

The prohibition extends to outlawing menthol rolling tobacco and "skinny" cigs, meaning menthol smokers will have to switch – or quit.

It also applies to capsule, click on, click and roll, crushball or dual menthol cigarettes, says the Association of Convenience Stores (ASC).

The UK’s exit from the European Union does not impact the introduction of the menthol ban.

What other countries have banned menthol cigarettes?

Brazil was the first country to prohibit all flavoured tobacco including menthol.

Canada imposed a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes that took effect in October 2017.

And in the US, Massachusetts became the first state to ban flavoured tobacco and nicotine vaping products, including menthol cigs.

Anti-smoking groups hailed the ban which restricts sale and consumption of flavoured vaping products immediately and does the same for menthol cigarettes starting June 1, 2020.

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network said: “More than 80 per cent of teens who have ever used a tobacco product started with a flavoured product, and the tobacco industry knows this."

But Spanish smokers are fuming over the menthol fag ban across Europe, slamming the EU for "meddling" with their social lives, says the Euro Weekly.

What other cigarettes are banned in the UK?

In 2017, smaller packs of rolling tobacco were banned, as well as 10 packs of cigarettes.

Tobacco products have already been hidden under the counter and stripped of branding.

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