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Why we left! EU fishermen given green light to hoover up catch in new waters

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The northern part of the Pacific Ocean is now open to fishermen from EU countries following an approval from the European Parliament this Monday. The EU’s accession to the fisheries treaty for this part of the ocean will present a welcome opportunity for european fishermen who have been recently faced with “hard times”.

In particular, this comes at a crucial time for French fishermen, who face a continued dispute over their access to UK fishing waters.

A deal made between EU and the UK in 2021 ensured that 25 percent of EU boats’ fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred to the British fleet over a period of five years.

After that, annual negotiations will decide how the catch is shared out between the UK and EU, and Britain would have the right to completely exclude EU boats after 2026.

Under new rules enforced after Brexit, French fishermen must apply for a permit to enjoy unfettered access to UK waters.

While Britain has approved more than 90 percent of fishing licences France has applied for, France has claimed UK officials are still withholding another 73 permits.

The UK Government issued 23 additional licences, but France has remained furious at the actions of the British.

Dutch ECR MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen said that the new access to the northern part of the Pacific Ocean was “a welcome development, considering the hard times for many fishermen these days”.

EU fishermen are already active in the South Pacific Ocean.

However, fishing activities there are confined to the summer months.

Expanding the fishing to the North will make year-round fishing operations in the Pacific possible for EU fleets.

The accompanying press release adds that “Through this treaty, the EU will join others in protecting biodiversity and promoting the sustainable exploitation of fish stocks in the North Pacific.”

By joining this treaty, the EU will become its ninth member.

This places it alongside Canada, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Taiwan, the United States of America and Vanuatu.

The approval should be finalised in time to allow the fishermen to start fishing in 2022.

And now, Olivier Leprêtre, the French president of the regional fisheries committee, has vowed to “fight until the end” on disputes with the UK over access to British fishing waters.

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He added in an article in Hauts-de-France how he does not “understand the attitude of the British” and said it is “my fight and I hope to succeed”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire by fishing industry experts who claimed he “sacrificed” the industry to “get Brexit done”.

Former MEP June Mummery previously told “What annoys is when people say Boris got Brexit done. No.

“He got Brexit over the line but he sacrificed coastal communities to do that. That’s not a great achievement. We are not really there.

“Boris did not get Brexit done. He got it half done.”

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