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Winnipeg drivers worry road construction won’t finish before winter hits

Winnipeg’s roads might be getting a little slick, but that’s not the only thing drivers are concerned about — there is still plenty of construction slowing down traffic.

Drivers on Empress Street, for instance, have been navigating pylons, temporary stop signs and big machinery since the summer. Now, with the arrival of snow, many are questioning if work will wrap up before the cold weather forces a halt in construction.

“There’s no way they’ll be able to do cement properly in this weather coming,” one driver told Global News on Wednesday.

The work near Polo Park is far from the only current project on the go. According to this map, many of the record 200 plus projects around Winnipeg are still underway. Some of them, however, are multi-year projects.

“It’s pretty frustrating,” another driver told Global News.

“I doubt it’s going to be done, so it’s going to make winter driving interesting.”

City officials were not able to give an exact answer Wednesday as to when, or if, the projects will be completed as scheduled. One spokesperson said there is always some carryover, however.

As for which projects might be carried over, the city said that is being assessed on a daily basis and hopes to have it all sorted out by next week.

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