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Woman furious as ‘no parking’ scratched into car door in neighbour row

A woman has been left "livid" after discovering that one of her boyfriend's neighbours had keyed her car because it was parked in a short-term space.

Furious Mollie Hales had parked her car outside her partner's apartment block in Canberra, Australia for the afternoon.

But when she returned at around 7pm she was shocked to discover that one of the neighbours had scratched the words "no parking" into the frame above the driver's side door of her car.

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Despite not breaching any rules for parking in the spot, someone clearly wasn't happy with her car being there and had decided to take matters into their own hands.

Mollie told Yahoo News Australia: "It was definitely done during daylight hours.

"I understand it's short-term parking however with the car parks, a lot of people who live in the buildings and even the businesses around are aware people will park in those visitor spaces for a day or two."

The apartment block is home to around 130 residents and there are also surrounding businesses so the visitor car park is often busy.

But Mollie had been parking there for about four or five months without facing any issues.

She said she was left dumbfounded by the "disgusting" and "disrespectful" vandalism, claiming it was unjustified.

"Even if I was parked 'too long' or in the wrong spot, I don’t believe it justifies keying my car," Mollie said, adding: "They could tow me before they go to that extent."

Mollie is now concerned that she'll have to fork out to repair the car from her own pocket because her third-party insurance might not cover the cost.

She said: "I may have to wait a while [to get it fixed] as money is tight".

The furious driver took to Facebook to warn other people in the area about the incident, she said: "I just wanted to make people aware that someone is out there doing this,

"It’s disrespectful and disgusting and I’m glad they did it to my car as it’s not an overly expensive car."

Mollie asked people in the local area whether they'd witnessed the incident but was unable to find anyone who'd seen the vandal.

She's also contacted her building management and filed an incident report with the police but she's not optimistic that the person responsible will be found unless the moment was captured on CCTV.

However, if the culprit is caught they could face serious punishment.

In Australian Capital Territory intentionally or maliciously damaging someone's property without their consent can result in hefty fines and even jail time.

Criminals can be charged under the Criminal Code 2002 or the Crimes Act 1900 and for property valued at less than $5,000 (£2,700) the maximum penalty is two years behind bars.


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