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Woman has ‘demon cultist’ graffitied on fence after calling for climate action

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A woman has been branded a 'demon cultist' after calling for climate action by putting a sign up outside of her house.

Nathalie Gits says she has started to fear for her safety after the words were dramatically sprayed across her front fence.

The small business owner, who lives in Sydney, Australia, put up a 'Climate Action Now' placard outside of her home to raise awareness.

But shortly after she noticed 'demon cultist' had been graffitied just meters away from where she positioned the sign.

The mum claims the previous sign she put up was stolen, alongside a car sticker which mirrored the placard, reports 9News.

Nathalie has been forced to alert the police and tried to find a temporary solution to hiding the harsh words.

"It's now moving into bullying and harassment for me because it's not just a single act. We are starting to feel unsafe in our home," she said.

"I was shocked but at the same time … I'm still not sure what it means.

"We are not part of any demon cult, I'm just a small-business owner. It's just really weird."

But the mum still feels strongly about the cause so will continue to display the sign, which is by an advocacy organisation Nature Conservation Council, until the election is complete.

It has been reported that a number of businesses and residences are too scared to put up the signs due to vandalism concerns.

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Resident Sam Johnson has been helping distribute the signs and says he has had at least three signs "ripped off."

"I had one sign up, that got ripped off and then I put up two more and those were ripped off," he said.

"I've now got three in total now, including one on the door, that are yet to be removed.

"The interesting thing is our signs are apolitical, they're not really telling anyone how to vote," he said.

"The signs were up before the election and will stay after the election."

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