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Woman kneed so hard by sick thug she can’t use toilet properly and has stammer

A violent thug who kneed a woman so hard that she now can't use the toilet properly and has a stammer has walked free from court.

Jade King, 25, meted out a "prolonged attack" on her victim outside a pub in Warrington in October 31, 2021, when the latter was out with a group of friends including an ex of King's.

On that night the group moved from one pub to another, and King followed them. The trouble started when King rang the victim, who in turn told her to stop calling, a court heard.

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King was said to become "irate" and claimed she believed the woman was "taunting her", the Liverpool ECHO reported.

King then started shouting and swearing before punching her three times in the head, which caused swelling to the eyebrow area.

"The defendant then hit [the victim] again to the side of the head and [the victim] hit back," Joan Maxwell, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, July 28.

King then kneed the woman in the vaginal area which was described as "an extremely hard blow" by the victim and then hit her again in the head. Following the attack, the woman had to attend Aintree Hospital as she was having urology problems and was not able to pass urine properly.

The cause of the symptoms were unknown and the victim was admitted to hospital for 10 days. It was heard in court the woman was fitted with a catheter bag and now has to self-catheterise following the attack. She also developed a stutter following the incident.

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Around a month after the assault, King came across the victim once again and followed her around Warrington town centre, threatening her.

The court heard she said to the victim: "I am going to kill you. You're not going to make it out of the courtroom. You don't know who you are messing with."

The woman said she is now living with a body that is "not functioning correctly" and is now depressed.

King, from Manchester, pleaded guilty to charges of common assault and witness intimidation. She was sentenced to 34 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months.

The 25-year-old was also ordered to pay £500 in victim compensation and a restraining order prohibiting King from contacting the victim was granted for five years.

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