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Woman says she ‘was banned from TikTok three times over extreme face tattoos’

Missy Sloan says she has been banned from TikTok three times because people can’t cope with her extreme face tattoos.

Constant complaints about her perfectly innocent videos, she says, have led to her being banned from the video sharing platform.

“Haters keep coming at me," Missy told the Daily Star, “they know who I am, and say I can’t get a job and all this – but I don’t answer them back, I just go about my business like anyone else.

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“People say – because of my tattoos – that I’m crazy and I can’t get a job and they just keep on attacking me."

The problem appears to have started after Missy tried to get help dealing with the huge number of negative comments on her videos: “I had this woman say I’ll do you a mod to get rid of them quicker for you.

“But then the next time I looked I had a violation and I was banned.

“I had a backup account, and that was banned too – and the third one lasted less than 24 hours

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“I tried to appeal," she said, "but they said you can’t come back on”.

Missy, 46, says she won’t be put off by her critics and has vowed to try again with a fourth account.

She had her first tattoo “20-odd years ago, she says.

“I only had a couple at first, I didn’t go to extremes like I have today…"

Missy says that she has “calmed down a bit” with her tattoo craze because she has a number of health conditions, adding that she doesn’t know if the sheer quantity of ink in her skin could be related to her ill-health.

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Asked about the expense of all those tattoos, Missy explains: The tattoos used to cost a lot but now I’ve got the kit at home and my partner does them for me”.

“I love tattoos, she says, “I love the pain. I have at least three layers on my face, and I get a least three a week if I can on my body.

I’ve got my own room for tattoos …so when I feel like l need one just get the kit out”.

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But while Missy isn’t spending too much financially, there’s a hidden cost.

“I’ve been chucked out of cafés and pubs so many times because of my tattoos," she says,

“I went to the café in Tescos and there was drama there with people jumping out of my way – I’ve got used to all those strange reactions…”

“I can’t even get driving lessons because the driving instructors are afraid of me – no-one will take me on”.

Asked if she’ll ever stop, Missy says: “I could have them all removed,” she says, “I could have it all lasered off – but if I did I’d probably just start again."

A TikTok spokesman told the Daily Star: "We have Community Guidelines which outline the kind of content we do and do not allow on our platform – we would not remove content for ‘no reason’."


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