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Woman shows ‘most Bristish interaction’ when finding out Queen’s death at Tesco

A woman has gone viral for showing the "most British interaction" when she and other customers found out the death of the Queen while shopping in a supermarket.

Liv was doing her grocery shopping in a Tesco store when the worker played the national anthem via tannoy.

She shared her instant reaction on TikTok and said it's the "point of view you are in Tesco and the Queen has just died".

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Shocked by the announcement, Liv paused for a second before picking up her shopping basket.

She turned around and told the nearby shoppers: "The Queen's just died."

One man gasped and replied: "No way!"

Another man can be heard joining the conversation and said: "Yeah I think, we think."

Liv then shared: "Yeah, they've just announced he's King now.

"She's gone…oh."

In the caption she paid tribute to Her Majesty, writing: "RIP Queen Glizzy, you would have loved Tesco playing your song."

Her video has soon amassed three million views as many said she showed "the most British interaction" ever.

"You become besties with everyone and chat with everyone when there's national news," one commented.

A second penned: "This is such a British interaction."

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"This is so amazing, so British," a third added.

Others shared the moment how they were informed of the Queen's death.

A woman wrote: "I work at Costa, we got an email telling us to turn off our music and remove all signage advertising deals."

"I work at Asda and it just went silent and some lady started scream crying," another added.


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