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Woman walking her dog is kicked in the head by a MOOSE in Alaska

Oh deer! Shocking moment woman is kicked in the head by a MOOSE while walking her dog in Alaska after the beast charged her from behind

  • Tracey Hansen was out walking her dog when a delinquent moose tackled the pair from behind leaving Hansen dazed and bloody 
  • Hansen, who has since received three staples in her head, said she at first thought it was a careless biker who had hit her
  • Good Samaritan Kate Timmons and her family caught the incident on camera and shooed the moose off before offering her assistance 

Tracey Hansen, of Anchorage, Alaska, was left dazed and bloodied after being assaulted by a moose while taking her dog, Gunner, for a walk.

Hansen takes Gunner for the same walk thrice daily, but this one was interrupted by an unwelcome guest that charged Hansen from behind, jumping over her and kicking her in the head.

Hansen said after she was hit she first thought that ‘someone had not been paying attention and hit me with a bike or something.’

‘I had put my hands up to my head, and I’m like, ‘I’m bleeding,” she told Alaska News Source.

The delinquent moose is seen about to mow down an unsuspecting Tracey Hansen, who initially thought a careless biker had hit her

It wasn’t until she sat up and took stock of the situation that she realized it had been a moose that mowed her down. The animal was now in front of her. 

Luckily, just moments before the moose attacked, Kate Timmons and her family drove up alongside Hansen, who was walking on the side of Old Seward Highway at the time.

Timmons, in addition to recording the incident, attempted to warn Hansen about the moose who was chasing behind her.

Timmons and her family shooed off the moose and rushed to come help the woman.

‘My husband was able to pull her over the snow bank, so we could get her in the truck with her dog and kind of get her out of the way,’ Timmons said.

‘It definitely seemed unprovoked from our standpoint and it happened so fast it was just like, a matter of getting her out of the situation, getting her help, making sure, you know my big thing was that she didn’t have a head trauma, that there wasn’t a bleed or something.’

Timmons added she was worried about what could have happened if her family didn’t witness the attack and provide aid on the scene.

The high snowbanks may have made it difficult for a different passing car to see Hansen lying on the ground.

Hansen wound up with three staples in her head and is still suffering from persistent headaches after the encounter. 

The moose, whose attack appeared to be unprovoked, was shooed from the scene by Kate Timmons, who saw the attack go down

Tracey Hansen ultimately received three staples in her head and is still experiencing headaches. In the background of the image, there are snowbanks piled high that may have prevented other passersby from seeing Hansen on the ground

Hansen says the moose attack will not keep her and her dog Gunner off the road for long

Kate Timmons, who recorded the incident and sprung into action to help Hansen, said she was glad she could help render immediate aid 

Hansen said that she and Kate have since discussed ‘that the Lord put her in the right place, at the right time to be able to help.’

She added that despite the delinquent moose activity that appears to be plaguing the area, she and Gunner will be back to their normal walks in no-time. 

‘The moose won’t stop that.’ 

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