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Woman who tried to order KFC drive-through on mobility scooter refused service

A disabled woman is accusing fast-food giant KFC of "disability discrimination" after being initially refused service at a drive-thru she visited on her mobility scooter.

Natalya Gilder from Yeovil, Somerset, who suffers from arthritis, asthma, and a neurological disorder, had been shielding since last March, said she ended up crying in the car park after being refused service for the KFC meal, which she describes as a "one-off treat".

Ms Gilder, who was wearing two masks and gloves at the time, drove her scooter to the Lufton Way fast-food branch on 25 July when she claims a KFC staff member told her: "I’m really sorry, I can’t serve you because you’re in that," reports SomersetLive.

She said she told the member of staff: "I have a mobility scooter because I can’t walk. I can’t park up and walk into the store like most people can. I can’t stand for longer than 30 seconds, so what do you propose I do?"

Ms Gilder subsequently asked to speak to the manager – but she claims this did not happen.

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Instead, the same staff member simply returned and said they could serve her.

She said: "I want to go out because I’m going stir crazy in the house, but I don’t want to go out because every time I do, I get attacked for being disabled and for being a nuisance.

"All of us disabled feel like we are a massive burden on society. We’re all falling apart."

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Ms Gilder said that when she leaves the house, she has been heckled by strangers who call her a "stupid fat cow" and say "why the f*** don’t you get off your mobility scooter and walk".

Ms Gilder, who has multicolour nails and pink hair, said she wears colour to "keep my mood upbeat at home" after spending 18 months shielding with her four cats due to the pandemic.

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She said: "That's 18 months without a cuddle, 18 months without a kiss, 18 months without being near a human being. All of us have had more than enough."

A KFC spokesperson said: "We’d never want to keep fans from getting their chicken fix but operating responsibly is our number one priority.

"To help keep all our fans safe, our team were unable to accept an order from this guest via the drive-thru."

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