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World’s biggest bodybuilder branded ‘Freakenstein’ now barely recognisable

A former world-class bodybuilder is now barely recognisable after quitting the sport.

Paul Dillett opened up about his experiences being a bodybuilder in the 1990s, when bodybuilding was extremely popular.

Known as Jurassic Paul as well as Freakenstein, Paul left the sport in 2012 and set up the after founding the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Competition in 2007.

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In a shocking moment, Paul also temporarily died onstage at an Arnold Classic competition for a full minute in 1994 aged just 29, needing four people to carry him off the stage.

Fortunately, medics were able to revive him and he survived, but has since said that he almost lost his life that day.

He later revealed in an interview that the incident had been caused by him having "too much calcium and not enough magnesium" in his body.

He said: “I didn’t even know that I was gone, I just know I felt like I was in an open space and it looked blue.”

Bodybuilding is not just about building muscle, with a large emphasis placed on reducing body fat so that muscles become more defined.

Speaking about the sport, Paul said: "I wish people could have seen what bodybuilding was in the 90's.

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"We would sign autographs until our fingers were swollen… the fans back in the day were so die hard.

"Now I tell people bodybuilding is dead, bodybuilding is not what it used to be," he added.

During the competitions judges would not only judge entrants on their physique, but also their beauty, stage presence, and even their marketability.

Paul, now aged 57, is a far cry from his physique when he competed, instead sporting a far more normal-looking physique.

In his heyday Paul weighed in at a staggering 150kg, with enormous biceps and shoulder muscles, not to mention a chiselled six pack.


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