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WW3 would ‘wipe out all life on Earth for millennia’ in terrifying prediction

World War Three would plunge earth into a harsh nuclear winter, with planes and satellites falling from the sky, forests burning and everyone single one of us dying, according to a chilling prediction made by a popular YouTube channel.

The topic of nuclear Armageddon has been thrust into the news again following Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech escalating his invasion of Ukraine yesterday (Wednesday, September 21).

In it, the tyrant leader said Russia "will certainly use all the means at our disposal" in response to what he dubbed "nuclear blackmail" from the West and those trying to "subjugate" Russia.

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"This is not a bluff," he claimed.

Although there a no indications that Putin will follow through on his threats for now, a 2020 video from The Infographic Show reveals the monumental problems we would face if that were to change.

The disturbing video titled 'Why You Wouldn't Survive World War 3' is based on the idea that every major city in the world has been hit by nuclear bombs, wiping out billions of people.

It then goes on to detail how those people lucky enough to survive the bombs would not be around for long.

In this grim future, planes that lost control while the nukes hit would lie smoking across the world causing obstacles for survivors trying to find refuge.

It hypothesised that the nuclear fallout would cause people to experience third degree radiation burns despite being miles away from blasts.

Forests around the world would ignite into flames causing uncontrollable forest fires due to the residual heat in the atmosphere created by the nuclear explosions.

Satellites would also fall from the sky as countries would "weaponise space" by capturing the International Space Station and using it as a base to launch attacks.

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The video also claims cyber hackers would take control of governments across the world and exploit existing defence mechanisms to cause carnage.

Eventually, a nuclear winter would form around the world with clouds of radiated particle debris spreading over the Earth, blocking out the sun and dumping poison everywhere.

The grim video then goes on to state that it would be "millennia" before life on Earth returned to normal.


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