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Youngest ever EuroMillions winner says ‘I wish I’d never won lottery’

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    The Brit who became the youngest ever winner of the Euromillions has opened up about why she regrets the momentous moment.

    Influencer Jane Park became a history-making winner in 2013 when she won £1,000,000 on the draw at the age of just 17.

    The Edinburgh native spent the winnings on holidays, cars and designer clothes, even stumping up for a luxury three-bedroom home.

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    A few years after her winning moment, Jane claimed she was feeling “bored and miserable” and slammed the National Lottery for allowing her to win.

    She said: “Literally it came to a point where I was like 'I hate this'.

    “I remember just thinking 'I'm so young' and 'Why would anyone put someone this young through these emotions'.

    “I remember my nana saying 'It's like giving a kid a gun in their hand and not telling them what to do with it'.

    “I understand how easily your life could just spiral out of control. I could feel it happening."

    Reflecting on the ups and downs of life as a young lottery winner, she concluded: "You have good

    "But there are other times where I'm flying to Dubai and I'm doing nice things and I'm very grateful for the life that I live."

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    But she has now told the famous Dr Phil McGraw more about how bad winning became for her.

    Previewing her appearance on a special episode of his hit talk show, called The Curse of the Lottery, she posted a video to her Instagram – where she has more than 220k videos.

    In it, Dr Phil said: “You had stalkers, death threats…”

    And the Edinburgh-native replied: “I wish I'd never won it, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.”

    The episode is set to be shown tomorrow (January 10).

    She captioned the preview: "Tomorrow CBS 4pm America, 9pm UK.

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    “I know CBS is on fire sticks so that's probably your best bet to watch it, if not the episode will eventually be on YouTube.

    “Aaah could scream.”

    However, recently, Jane appears to have been enjoying things a bit more.

    She had been showing off her festive feast to her Instagram followers on Christmas Day recently.

    Posted with the message “having a holly, jolly Christmas – it's the best time of the year”, Jane showed a packed table, featuring many Christmas classics.

    Although she didn't specifically state what was on it, there appeared to be a bowl of roasted vegetables, some kind of chicken casserole, a bowl of chopped up bread, green beans, an unidentifiable sauce and something that looks like a wellington.

    And there was, for some reason, a chopped up green apple on the table – a real Christmas dinner of champions, in our opinion.

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